Nighttime Enjoyment

You’ve installed your gorgeous outdoor patio and koi pond with waterfalls, and you are living that outdoor life every day. But what about at night?

Consider the ways Outdoor Landscape Lighting can augment your property:

  • added security

  • increased safety

  • more usable space and for more hours in the day

  • overall beauty



Light It Right

Outdoor landscape lighting is an exciting way to show off the landscape, hardscape, or waterscape installation you’ve added to your property. From path lighting to wall and house lighting to showcase lighting to water feature lighting, your options are vast. That’s why it’s great when you can work with an experienced landscape designer who can give you the best advice regarding where you should place your new lights. When done right, outdoor landscape lighting enhances the beauty of your property while increasing safety — and does it seamlessly.


Path Lighting

You guessed it: path lighting is a lighting system that runs along your walkway or path. It adds a gorgeous glow and welcoming ambience to the front walk of your house while allowing visitors to walk safely on early mornings or late nights when the natural light is gone. Path lighting also allows a trained landscape lighting professional like Auburn Sky to increase the nighttime interest of the design and layout of your property by controlling sight lines and how the eye is drawn into the space.

Showcase Lighting

A great way to show off a front yard water feature or stunning ornamental tree, showcase lighting is the perfect way to highlight that special design element in your yard. Typically two narrow beams of light are cast up onto the area of interest, creating a soft glow that highlights the feature while casting off shadows.

Wall Lighting

Lighting the sides of your house or any retaining walls on your property can serve two purposes: increasing safety and security by deterring troublemakers and enhancing the architectural appeal of your house or walls for you and passersby.


Water Feature Lighting

Water features are stunning during the day, but when pond and garden lighting are used to enhance evening views, you’ll find the landscape takes on a whole new dimension. A Certified Aquascape Contractor like Auburn Sky can help your water feature come to life at night through spotlighting waterfalls and installing the garden lighting in amongst the plants and rocks surrounding your water feature.

If you have a koi pond, Auburn Sky will install underwater lighting so that you can watch as your fish dart in and out of their fish caves and frolic in the water all through the night.  



Use the Best

We trust in the products of CAST Lighting, VOLT Lighting, and — for water features — Aquascape Inc. Lighting. We only use those products for our clients' Outdoor Landscape Lighting projects. When we begin your project, we'll discuss which of the three brands best suits your lifestyle, ideas, and budget.

Modern landscape lighting allows you to increase not only your enjoyment of your property but also its curb appeal and its resale value. And, with myriad options for lighting techniques, you’ll find that your property’s appearance transforms at night with just the switch of a button (or a timer or the sensor of the photocell!).


CAst Lighting

CAST Lighting is a premier manufacturer of Low Voltage Landscape Lighting fixtures, transformers, wire and other outdoor lighting system components. Their fixtures are made of solid sand-cast bronze which never corrodes and ages naturally to a beautiful patina. All of their fixtures are also hand-crafted in their own foundry by skilled workers.


Volt LIghting

VOLT® products are built to the highest standards of construction and performance. Field tested for durability and certified by UL for safety, these products are among the best in the industry.


Choose Auburn Sky

Work with the Best


With nearly 20 years in the Landscape industry, Auburn Sky knows how to increase the value of your home and property in Northern New Jersey as well as increase its security, its usability, and its curbside appeal through the installation of outdoor landscape lighting. And, as a Certified Aquascape Contractor Auburn Sky has the proven skills to design and install water feature lighting for your pond, waterfall, or fountain that you and your family are sure to enjoy both day and night.


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