For me, it started as a simple need of getting my lawn cut as my own schedule didn’t allow me the time to do it, and keep up with all of my family’s weekend activities. Well…..until I met Darren and Auburn Sky, getting my lawn cut was a point of stress.  I could not find anyone who would simply show up regularly….so when I saw this nicely painted truck going through the neighborhood I needed to give Auburn Sky a try…...[A]fter meeting you I realized this is a good guy looking to work hard and make a living....I am glad we met. Your services have brought increased value to my property, and over the years whatever the issue or concern, you always manage it with a quick response, a level of professionalism and what I’ll simply call as DOING THE RIGHT THING - ALWAYS.  Meeting a deadline of a graduation party, cutting a tree down in 10 degree weather....quick to compliment the work done by another. Thank you for all that.

My neighbors kid that the leaves never hit my lawn as Darren’s guys catch them as they fall. I just chuckle and know not only do I have the best landscaping company in the area but I have met a good friend in the process. 

/  Mike N., Homeowner  /


We love the work Darren and Auburn Sky did for us. From the planning stage, through the execution, and including the follow-up, we are so pleased with your work. It’s hard nowadays to find people to do such work with dedication and personal integrity. And you have real talent. Our new patio area added the perfect touch to our kitchen addition. Last summer we enjoyed sitting out there, with the hydrangeas as a backdrop. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you, Darren, and we look forward to a continuing relationship. 

/  Mike and Sandy D., Homeowners  /


Darren has the patience of a saint. Even before Darren started the project at our house, my wife was out there taking pictures, getting ready. If there was ever anything that my wife wanted changed, Darren did it with no complaint and understood her desire to get it just right. He’s like that; attentive to details and with a really artistic view. (One day we watched him from the window moving a rock around for a ½ hour trying to find the perfect location for it; it was great!)

Now, whenever my wife and I are driving around we look at the work of other landscapers and see how it doesn’t measure up to Darren’s. If we see a tree that’s been planted in a terrible spot, she says, “Darren never would have done it like that.”

It’s refreshing to work with a guy who actually cares about his customers. Darren’s a pleasure to work with, we always enjoy every moment talking to him and we trust that he’ll do the work well. Darren’s just a good guy. We’re really happy to know him. 

/  Kevin W., Homeowner  /


Thank you ever so much for the beautiful new front walkway to our home. It is absolutely a WOW FACTOR, and we are thrilled. Thanks for taking such time and efforts to fix our steps and replant our foundation shrubs. Looking forward to the finishing touches in the spring. You exceeded our expectations, as always.

/  Debbie W., Homeowner  /


In all our years living in Sparta, we have only had one landscaper, Auburn Sky Landscaping, headed by Darren, who has been a pleasure to work with. His honesty, reliability, and expertise have made our extensive landscaping needs easier to deal with. The fact that he is a good musician and a compassionate dog lover makes it all the more enjoyable to work with Darren.

/  Joe and Linda G., Homeowners  /


How would you describe Darren…


In other works a “MENCH” (A decent, nice, human being).

/  Bernice and Michael K., HOMEOWNERS  /


We’ve watched Darren work as long and hard as anyone could and his reputation reflects all that extra effort. But he's never too busy or caught up in the job to stop and chat for a few minutes and that’s one of the things that separates him from all the other service providers we know. We can always depend upon good conversation about the neighborhood bears, snakes, or hiking wherever. And those “little things” he's done over time for us add up to mean a great deal.

You know one of our biggest fears is moving from Sparta and not having Darren there for us—that speaks volumes for how we value Darren's services. There aren’t many people we have met that we can honestly say “don’t ever change” but it really does apply to Darren.

/  John and Lori K., HOMEOWNERS  /


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