Who We Are

We are established


Auburn Sky Landscaping, LLC. is a complete outdoor living design + build and property maintenance company that has been creating beautiful and affordable landscapes across Northern New Jersey since 2000.

Led by founder and owner Darren Tubito, who holds a degree in Landscape Design + Management, all projects are designed and cared for with precision, integrity, and over 25 years of experience in the landscape design + build industry. We are fully insured and hire only quality, skilled workers to care for you and your property.

WE are Licensed + Educated


It’s important to challenge one’s self, that’s why at Auburn Sky Landscaping, we make sure that we’re keeping our fingers on the pulse of the latest of industry standards and innovations. All of our crew attend in-house training on safety procedures and best practices for design, installation, and maintenance. We also regularly attend classes at Rutgers University, seminars from industry leaders throughout the country, and sit for recertification exams to ensure that our licenses, certifications, and practices are up to date.

we are Professional


All of our employees wear Auburn Sky uniforms with the Auburn Sky logo and travel in Auburn Sky trucks. We maintain safe and clean worksites in order to promote efficiency and a healthy work environment, and we strive to conclude each project with 100% customer satisfaction.

Whenever you see one of our crew on your property, please feel free to let us know if you need something!


we are honest


We've been in the landscape design + build and property maintenance industry for a long time—we've seen a lot, we've learned a lot, and we've fielded a lot of questions along the way. We use our experience and education to offer honest estimations of the work required to give you the result you desire. We don't skimp on quality materials, we don't skimp on quality design, and we don't skimp on quality craftsmanship. We build our designs to last because that's what we'd want for ourselves, our families, and our properties.

If you have a question about a service, about a design, about a process, about a recommendation, about our prices — ask us. We want your project and your experience to be great for you — and for us.


Who We Are Not

We are not Fly-by-night


Auburn Sky was founded in 2000 and, over the nearly 20 years of its existence, has borne witness to a multitude of landscape companies popping up and just as quickly disappearing.

We get it — a lot of people get into the landscape business thinking it's only mowing lawns or throwing down pavers or digging a hole and filling it with water (really—we've seen some doozies when it comes to "professional work").

The truth is, landscape design + build, with its extensive possibilities across waterscape, softscape, and hardscape design, is a tough and complicated business. We've built our portfolio and our client base through day-in and day-out hard work, through a commitment to learning the best practices across business management and landscaping skills, and through staying true to our integrity in high-quality design no matter the scope or budget of the project.

We believe in longevity — both in our commitment to this industry and in the designs we build for you.

we are not Just a Mowing Company


Some customers simply want a maintenance crew to come in and mow their lawn, no other maintenance services or design + build services at all. If that's the case, no problem — but we're not the company for that customer. 

Our approach and our skillset is holistic, and our experience and continued education speaks to that. We believe in comprehensive maintenance programs that unite the full range of possible services: from lawn mowing to lawn application programs to tree + shrub application programs to pruning to core aeration to mulching to many more. And we tailor those packages to our client's particular properties and life styles.

we Are not a company who devalues our skills


The landscape industry is a competitive one and, unfortunately, sometimes that means that contractors will underbid each other just to "get the job" even if, essentially, they're doing the job for free after everything is said and done. Some contractors will underbid a job because they're new to the industry and don't know the costs that go into a well-executed project (and the time-tested quality of their work will show that). Some contractors aren't abiding by state and national laws when it comes to insurance, hiring legal employees, and earning certifications and, therefore, don't have the overhead law-abiding companies do.

When situations like these happen in our industry, everyone loses. And we don't want that; we want everyone — fellow contractors and homeowners and business owners — to win.

That's why, at Auburn Sky, we're upfront about our pricing. We're upfront about all of the factors that can affect how much your project can cost. We're upfront about whether we will be a good fit for your project.

We want to honor your property, your budget, your dreams — and we want that honor to shine through to our industry as well.


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