Darren, owner

Darren Tubito, owner of Auburn Sky Landscaping, LLC., built the company believing that quality work and commitment, in conjunction with client communication, would make for a successful business. With extensive experience in all aspects of landscape design and build, a degree in Landscape Design and Management, and his status as a Certified Aquascape Contractor, he prides himself on maintaining high standards and building a positive rapport with each and every client.

Over 25 Years of Experience with:

  • Water Feature Design + Installation

  • Hardscape Design + Installation

  • Outdoor Living + Entertainment Areas Design + Installation

  • Landscape Lighting Design + Installation

  • Greens, Tees, Collars, Fairways Installations, Renovations, + Maintenance

  • Fertilizer + Pesticide Applications

  • Irrigation + Drainage Systems

  • Excavation

  • Tree + Plant Installations

  • Commercial + Residential Property Maintenance

It’s refreshing to work with a guy who actually cares about his customers. Darren’s a pleasure to work with, we always enjoy every moment talking to him and we trust that he’ll do the work well. Darren’s just a good guy. We’re really happy to know him.
— Kevin W., Client


Founded in 2000
Darren founded Auburn Sky Landscaping, LLC. in 2000 after earning a degree in Landscape Design + Management and years of working in the landscape design and build industry. Since founding Auburn Sky, Darren and his crew have worked hard to build a reputation of integrity, honesty, and quality craftsmanship.



The Art in the Innovation
It’s important to challenge one’s self, that’s why at Auburn Sky Landscaping, LLC. we make sure that we’re keeping our pulse on the latest of industry standards and innovations. We attend classes, seminars, and hands-on builds around the country (and sometimes in other countries) so that we’re consistently learning and implementing top-of-the-line products and services for our customers.



It’s All in the Details
We know that the secret to any great job is in the attention to its details. We foster open lines of communication between ourselves and our customers so that everyone is on the same page as to the project’s goals and status; we maintain safe and clean worksites in order to promote efficiency and a healthy work environment; and we strive to conclude each project with 100% customer satisfaction.


And, of course, The Pups



A crew member for nearly 10 years, customers will often see Chip riding in the ASL trucks with Darren, ensuring all projects are on schedule and that any stray dog treats have been expeditiously consumed.



The youngest of our crew, Sadie helps make sure all sticks are fetched, all faces are licked, and all smiles are in place at the start of every day.


What To Expect When You Hire Us

Get to know the process and phases of working with Auburn Sky on your project — where to start and what to expect along the way.