At Auburn Sky Landscaping, we help you realize your landscape dreams by maintaining integrity in the structures that we build, the methods that we use, and our interactions with you while we create your outdoor space.


Leading up to the start

We've received your photos, we've had our consultation, we've finalized contracts and received deposits, and now we're ready to schedule your project. If applicable, we'll be coordinating securing permits with your town and/or contacting utilities companies to mark lines (during this time, you may see small flags appear on your lawn or areas marked with paint). Depending on timing and scope, we may also be coordinating the delivery of material and machinery to your property as well. Throughout this lead-up to the start of your project, we'll be keeping you apprised of how things are coming along and exactly when we'll be to your property to start your project. 


During the Build

The exciting moment for many homeowners is when the crew begins construction. Depending on the scope of your project, our Auburn Sky team will be on your property anywhere from one day to many weeks. 

While we're working, you'll see us progress through the steps particular to your project: perhaps laying down pavers for your new walkway or installing a waterfall and pond on your back hill or building retaining walls for your tiered garden or constructing the bar for your poolside entertainment area. Whatever your project may be, we'll be working diligently to bring you the highest quality design and installation.



When construction is complete, it’s time to mind the details and put the finishing touches on your new space. Our crew will plant your flowers, trees, or shrubs per design specifications. We'll then clean up all work materials and debris so that your final product shines.


As trained landscape professionals, we possess the knowledge of various design techniques and have an experienced understanding of the sustainability of plants and materials for your particular piece of property. With that knowledge, we can create a healthy, functional, and beautiful outdoor space tailored to your land and to you.


Ready to Get Your Project Started?

Send us some info about you and your project with photos, and we'll get back to you with a FREE over-the-phone estimate!