Join us for the 2019 Water + Garden Showcase this Summer!

As a Certified Aquascape Contractor, we love introducing everyone to the beauty and versatility of water features and how they can be incorporated into our back yards and our lifestyles. 


This July, stop by our display garden to get a taste of what we at Auburn Sky can do and, hopefully, spark some ideas for your very own backyard paradise.

While each area of our display garden is designed to be a showcase in and of itself, the large koi pond with multiple waterfalls, fire bowl, driftwood, spillbowl, and cantilevered bluestone sits proudly at the center of it all. 


The pond measures approximately 3’ deep and contains two fish caves that act as protection for the fish from predators and as areas for the fish to get a nice sleep during the cold winter months. Our wetlands filtration system, set at the top of our 25’ stream, helps remove excess nutrients that can create algae and cleans the water running into the pond. And the carefully selected pieces of the pond’s ecosystem mean that it stays healthy, clean, and chemical-free all year.

The wetlands also features our mini stacked-slate urn, one of two fountain urns in the garden. The other, a medium, rippled urn, sits amidst lush Hydrangeas and colorful Rose bushes. In our Terra Cotta Vase fountain, tucked under our October Glory Red Maple, we have aquatic plants sharing space with the birds who swoop in for a bath. 

To take in all of these water features, the blooming flowers, the ornamental trees, and the relaxing atmosphere as a whole, guests are encouraged to kick their feet up in the outdoor seating area under our custom-designed all-natural wood pergola sat atop our hand-laid bluestone patio.

And for the kids, we’ll have fun activity books with an “I Spy” game to find butterflies and hummingbirds flitting in and out of the garden. They’ll also love experiencing how some of our fish (especially the famous Fred) will climb up out of the water to get onto hands full of fish food!

It’ll be a lovely day. We hope to see you there.


July 20, 2019
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

13 State Route 15
Lafayette, NJ 07848



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