Helping Those Hit by Hurricane Sandy

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Auburn Sky Landscaping traveled to Mantoloking, NJ to help victims of the storm reclaim their properties.

Cited as the deadliest and most destructive hurricane to hit the Atlantic northeast in 2012 and the second-costliest in United States history, 'Sandy' caused a devastation to commercial and residential properties of the New Jersey coastline that was immeasurable.


During the trek through affected areas, Darren (owner, ASL) noted, “My guys and I were shocked at the power of mother nature.” Amidst the debris the crew worked to clear, displaced treasures were found: clothes, bottles of wine, pieces of fencing, a DVD player. "We even found pieces of foundation from a house across the street," Darren said.


Not for profit, not for pleasure, simply to help: Darren and his two foremen, James and Chris, gained clearance from the Office of Emergency Management to join the recovery effort.

"I've enjoyed the Jersey shore since I was a kid," Darren said.  "I'm fortunate enough now to have the equipment and manpower to help an area that I've enjoyed so much in my life."


"Even though our contribution may have been small in the grand scheme of things," Darren continued, "if we can restore even one particle of sand to the beach, then that's a step in the right direction."