Complete the look of your front or backyard space with gorgeous steps and pillars!

Whether it’s bringing visitors to the front door or guiding them down to an entertainment area or up to the top of a waterfall, the design and installation of your steps and/or pillars will add to the overall beauty that is your property.



Just like with walkways and patios, your choice of materials for steps is extensive. Here too you can choose between natural stone like bluestone and flagstone, for example, or paver slabs or paver stones. For our paver slab and stone products, we’re proud to offer the very best from Techo-Bloc and Cambridge Paving Stones.



Pillars at the entrance of your driveway, at the start of your walkway, at the ends of a sitting wall — however you choose to use them, pillars are the perfect option to create visual interest as well as offer illumination with nighttime lighting.


Why Choose Auburn Sky for your Step or Pillar Design & Installation?

In addition to nearly 20 years in the landscaping industry, learning the best in modern techniques, materials, and design, Auburn Sky Landscaping is a certified New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor. We understand the installation techniques required to ensure you’re getting a set of steps and pillars that are beautiful, structurally sound, and built to last.



Are you ready to add pillars or steps to your property?

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