Build Curb Appeal. Spend More Time Outdoors.

Looking to build curb appeal for your residence or business? Inspired to spend more time outdoors with friends, family, or colleagues?

With an outdoor walkway and patio, you can extend the living and hosting space of your home or business for everyone to enjoy, all while increasing property value.


What to Consider

When designing your walkway or patio, you want to keep certain elements in mind:



The way you and your guests move through your property can change the entire experience of your space. Perhaps you’d like straight lines with direct paths, or you’d prefer curved lines with a sweeping feel—whatever you choose, we’ll help you lay out your patio or walkway in such a way that your personal style is seamlessly united with the natural elements of your property.


When it comes to patio and walkway materials, your choices are ample. You can choose natural stone like flagstone, slate, limestone, travertine, and bluestone. You can choose paver slabs which are comprised of concrete and made to look like large natural stones. Or you can choose paver stones which, like paver slabs, are made of concrete, but which come in a wide variety of smaller sizes and shapes.


Like the material itself, your choices of colors are extensive. Luckily, once you choose whether you want natural stone or paver slabs or paver stones for your material, your color options become more focused. For all of our paver slabs and paver stones needs, we primarily use Techo-Bloc and Cambridge Pavers because we believe in their products and abilities to stand the test of time. Should you choose to go the paver slab/stone route, we’ll guide you through their color options and find the color that best suits your style and home or building.


While patterns are respective to the material type you choose, here are just a few examples of patterns you might see in the patios or walkways of friends, neighbors, and local businesses: Herringbone, Modified Herringbone, 3-piece random, 5-piece random, Running bonds, and many more. Just like with color choice, we'll help you discover the pattern that best suits your style. 

Circle Kit

For an added element of style, you can add a circle kit to an area of your patio or walkway. Here, you can create a seating area or meeting area for friends or coworkers.


Making Decisions

How do you decide which materials, colors, and patterns to use for your patio or walkway?

When it comes time to make the decision of which path you’ll take — natural stone versus paver slabs versus paver stones and what colors or patterns, etc. — Auburn Sky will help guide your choice with informed analysis of your style, your space, and your budget. 


Why Choose Auburn Sky for Your Patio or Walkway Design and Installation?

The points we listed above are just some of the items for attention involved in designing and installing a patio or walkway at your property. To make sure your final product is optimized for your space, meets New Jersey construction standards and is built to last, and exemplifies your lifestyle and aesthetic, you’ll want to work with a professional. Auburn Sky has been in the landscaping industry for nearly 20 years with countless patio and walkway design and installations under our construction belts. We can — and will — help you build the patio and walkway of your dreams.


Are you ready to add a patio or walkway to your property?

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