The Lawn Application Program for You

Your lush, verdant lawn, perfectly manicured and gleaming in the sunlight—that’s the dream, right? With a Lawn Application Program, it can be your reality.

As a licensed fertilizer and pesticide applicator, Auburn Sky has been helping homeowners and business owners create gorgeous lawns throughout Northern New Jersey for nearly 20 years. A thorough assessment is performed on your property to understand the soil conditions, the wind’s impact, drainage, the amount of sunlight and strength, history of pest problems, and current health in order to properly prescribe you a lawn application program that fits your property’s needs.


Typically, a Lawn Application Program runs the following course throughout the season (case by case variables may occur, where necessary, and under the advisement of your Auburn Sky Licensed Applicator):

  • Early Spring: Pre-emergent Weed Control & Fertilizer

  • Spring: Post-emergent Broad Leaf Weed Control, Pre-emergent Weed Control, & Fertilizer

  • Summer: White Grub Prevention & Fertilizer

  • Fall: Fertilizer (plus Touch-up Broad Leaf Weed Control, if needed)

  • Winter: Fertilizer to promote root growth

If your lawn also requires a Flea and Tick application, we can incorporate that into your property’s schedule so that you (and your pets!) are free from pesky pests like those.


Why Choose Auburn Sky Landscaping for your Lawn Application Program?

As a licensed fertilizer and pesticide applicator, Auburn Sky has the training and understanding to help your lawn become the lush, green landscape you’ve always dreamed of. You can trust that your applications will be timely and in accordance with environmental requirements so that you and your loved ones are getting the very best care.


Ready to Nurture your Lawn with a Lawn Application Program?

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