In Need of Tree + Shrub Care?

Are your trees and shrubs are suffering from lack of nutrition, or just not looking the way you want them to?  They may be suffering from nutrient deficiencies and insect and disease pests due to poor soil conditions, such as compaction, poor drainage, or pH imbalances.

It’s also possible that inadequate soil was installed after the construction of your new home, home addition, or prior landscape construction project. Or, perhaps you’ve tried applying your own series of tree + shrub additives but the methods just weren’t right.


Whatever the case may be, the team at Auburn Sky can help you achieve the lush, vibrant landscape you’d hoped for, and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your outdoor environment! Our Organic-based Tree + Shrub Health Care program options include:

  • Inspection + Evaluation: Throughout the season (generally from mid-March through December 1st), we’ll perform a periodic inspection and evaluation of your shrubs, checking for signs of insect or disease infestations.

  • Insect and Disease Management: Through preventative and curative treatments for pests and disease, we’ll help your plants maintain optimum health. We use natural and organic products and supplements whenever possible such as copper sulfate, horticultural oils, botanical oils, etc. When using synthetics, we choose low-toxicity, reduced-risk products for the safety of our technicians, our clients, and our local neighborhoods.

  • Natural Oils: We’ll use all-natural Horticultural and Botanical Oils in the Spring and Fall as they provide excellent control against many insects, mites, and eggs.

  • Ground Health: To help improve soil conditions, root growth, and to aid in the correction of chlorosis (yellowing) oin plants due to a lack of Iron (Fe), we’ll perform Bio Stimulant and Micro-Nutrient applications.

  • Natural Fertilizers: To provide your plants balanced nutrients, we’ll apply a tailored regimen of Organic and Natural Fertilizers. Depending on the severity of your property’s situation, we may perform additional treatments.

  • Deep Root Injections: Through Deep Root Fertilizer Injections or Soil Drenches, we’ll apply nutrients where they’re needed most — directly into the root zone of your trees and shrubs.

Why Choose Auburn Sky for your Tree + Shrub Care Program?

All of our Tree + Shrub Care programs will immediately reduce pesticide usage by 50% or more around your home. We do this through our combination of season-specific and pleasant-smelling botanical oil products with any labeled pesticide product to reduce insects. Because of the synergistic relationship between the organic oils and synthetic products, we are able to reduce pesticide rates by 50% and still achieve the same level of effectiveness without applying additional and unnecessary chemicals around your home.


Ready to Nurture Your Tree + Shrubs?

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