Extend Your Seasons

Wishing you could extend the season on your outdoor living space? A fireplace or a fire pit are excellent options — they both provide the necessary heat on those cooler nights and give off a gorgeous glow as the sun starts to set earlier and earlier. So which do you choose?

Depending on your style, your space, and your budget, you might choose just one, or you might choose both — it’s not uncommon for many homeowners to install both a fireplace and a fire pit in their backyard paradise.



Some things to consider for your New Jersey outdoor fireplace and fire pit design and installation:

Safety of Location

You’ll want to check with your Homeowner’s Association and your town regarding any local ordinances for distance, size, and proximity to your neighbor’s property and your own home.



Fireplaces and fire pits are best installed on a hardscape surface. If you’re working with Auburn Sky on your patio design and installation, we can coordinate these elements together or in phases.



While you’ll need more space for a fireplace itself than you would a fire pit, something to keep in mind is that a fireplace limits access to the heat source and, therefore, limits the space needed around it. A fire pit, on the other hand, offers a 360-degree source of heat, with the ability to place seating in a large circle around it (and, therefore, expanding your space).



If you do intend to choose just one of the two and are having a hard time deciding between a fire pit and a fireplace, ask yourself what kind of ambience or atmosphere you’re looking to create in your outdoor space.

Do you entertain a lot of people? Do you host large get-togethers of groups young and old? If so, a fire pit might be ideal for you as it has that 360-degree accessibility.

If you’re looking for more of an intimate setting, where you can snuggle up with your spouse or gather round with your immediate family, a fireplace might better suit your needs.


Why Choose Auburn Sky Landscaping for your Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit Design and Installation?

Auburn Sky has been building and installing hardscape designs throughout Northern New Jersey for nearly 20 years. With both formal education and hands-on experience, we have the knowledge and skills to build the outdoor fireplace and fire pit that suits your style, your space, and your budget—and will stand the test of time.



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