Form and Function… and Beauty

Retaining walls can serve both form and function: an added element of architectural interest for your property as well as a sound solution to drainage or grading issues in your yard. 

Sitting walls can offer the third function of extending your outdoor seating area for your entertainment and living space.



Like patio, walkway, and step design and installation, there are a variety of materials that you can choose for your sitting and retaining wall installation.

You might find that a natural stacked slate wall fits both your design aesthetic and your desire to level off a sloping yard.

A block wall, utilizing products from TechoBloc or CST VersaLok Block, may fit your outdoor lifestyle better and offer the privacy and increased usable space of your property that you're looking for.

Whichever material you choose for your retaining wall or sitting wall, your best and first choice is hiring a professional hardscape installer to perform the work.

A licensed New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor like Auburn Sky knows the steps necessary to build a structurally sound wall that is not only to code but visually attractive. The proper base prep, leveling the area, compacting the earth, installing base materials and fabrics to assist in proper water drainage, back filling and reinforcing properly, understanding the structural engineering required to contain earth—these are just some of the considerations a licensed professional like Auburn Sky will oversee so that your retaining wall or sitting wall is built to last.

Why Choose Auburn Sky Landscaping for your Sitting Wall or Retaining Wall Design and Installation?

Auburn Sky has been building and installing hardscape designs throughout Northern New Jersey for nearly 20 years. With both formal education and hands-on experience, we have the knowledge and skills to build a sitting wall or retaining wall that suits your style, your space, and your budget—and will stand the test of time.


Ready to add sitting or retaining walls to your property?

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